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Service Type Access Server Space Email Cost
Personal Dial Up 150 hours mo. 2MB Public* 2 Email Accounts $20.00 mo.
Business Dial Up 150 hours mo. 2 MB Public* 4 Email Accounts $25.00 mo.

        * Public web hosted accounts are non-domain accounts ""  instead of ""

        Business Accounts will be quoted on a case by case basis depending on services needs. If your business is looking for DNS services, Public or Domained Web hosting, Public or Domained Email services, 24 hour Static Internet access,  or any combination of the listed serves,  please request information for quote. Or contact Steve at Comp3 Internet Services by phone at (413) 782-8922.

bulletAll Domain accounts will incur a one time $ 50.00 setup charge per Domain Name
bulletAdditional email addresses available for $3.00 month
bulletAdditional server space available in 5 and 10 MB increments
bulletOther services available on request, such as secure commerce
bulletPage and Site design available

Last modified: September 06, 1999

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